Welcome, Young Graduates!

18-20 FEB 2023
Young Graduates’ RETREAT (OVERSEAS)

Loft Up Your Soul

Our souls are very much like our homes. However, while our house gets cleaned and tidied up regularly, we rarely do the same for our inner world. Filled, cluttered and even burdened with much, we leave it alone until it disrupts our lives. A bad experience turns into a nasty pattern of thinking. A harsh word evolves into a fearful heart. “In this world you’ll have trouble.” So we get to the loft, a quiet place we rarely visit, to pause from and realize just how cluttered the space is. And here, we reorganize all the mess, keep what is useful and discard the unhelpful.

26 NOV 2022
Young Graduates’ Retreat

In Plenty, In Want, In Him

The adulting journey is years-long and consists of several chapters. Sometimes, you are cruising in a sea of success and wonder how you can enjoy some seafood while watching the sun set. Or, you were thrown into the cold sea without so much as a life-vest. “How long would I last?”, you’d pray.

The Bible claims our lives are a living sacrifice to be stewarded to God, and this is irregardless of the chapter’s content. Whether you are seeking success or survival, join us in this day retreat to seek our path and strength in God’s assurance.