Law Christian Fellowship


The Law Christian Fellowship (LCF, previously known as the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship) is a sectional group of the Graduates’ Christian Fellowship (GCF).

The LCF was formed in November 1978 with the hope of enhancing Christian witness amongst members of the legal profession and bringing to bear the full teachings of Christ in the day-to-day operations of lawyers. The LCF was renamed from the “Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship” to the “Law Christian Fellowship” on 27 October 2014 to better reflect its ministry, which extends to non-practising members of the legal fraternity, such as members of the judiciary, legally trained members of the government service, in-house counsel, paralegals and legal secretaries.


Fellowship: To encourage members of the Christian legal community to study the Word of God, fellowship with one another, grow in their personal spiritual lives and relate the practice of their faith to their vocation.

Witness: To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to fellow men and women, especially those in the legal community.

Service: To serve the Church and the community at large through the legal expertise and other gifts of its members.

Ministry Focus

Since its formation, LCF members have been active in various areas.

At the start of each year, the LCF holds its Annual Dedication Service (ADS) in conjunction with the Opening of the Legal Year. At each ADS, members of the legal community come before the Lord to dedicate and consecrate themselves to serving Him in their lives and through their work. In recent years, the newer members of the community who were called to the Bar in the previous year have also dedicated themselves to the Lord during the ADS.

Members of the legal community have the opportunity to meet twice a month at the LCF’s Monthly Ministry Meeting ( held on the third Monday of each month) and Monthly Prayer Fellowship (held on the first Monday of each month). The Monthly Ministry Meeting features guest speakers on issues relating to the legal community, while the Monthly Prayer Fellowship serves as a dedicated time to seek the Lord in corporate prayer.

The LCF had previously been involved in GCF study groups, particularly those examining impending legislation and making representations to Parliamentary Select Committee. For example, the LCF provided inputs to the National Council of Churches of Singapore and gave feedback to the government on the proposed Maintenance of Religious Harmony Bill in 2003 on behalf of the GCF.

Through the years, the LCF has also organised various seminars and public lectures, which deal with law, both Biblical and secular, and with legal perspectives on various issues.


Its activities include:

  • Monthly Ministry Meetings and Monthly Prayer Fellowships for the Christian legal community
  • Annual Dedication Service
  • Church-based and Community-based Legal Clinics;
  • Mentorship Scheme matching young lawyers with senior mentors from the legal community;
  • Social gathering/dinners with Christian practice trainees and newly called lawyers;
  • Special talks and evangelistic events with guest speakers;
  • Talks relating to career guidance for law school undergraduates
  • Retreats for young lawyers
Electronic LCF Updates

The LCF keeps members and friends updated primarily through an electronic mailing list. For details on signing up for the LCF mailing list, please speak to any of the LCF Ex-Co Members at the LCF Montthly Ministry Meeting or Monthly Prayer Fellowship, or contact Gregory ( or Owen (

Brief History

The LCF had its beginnings in the second half of the 1960s when some fresh law graduates from Singapore and England shared a desire for a Christian Fellowship for lawyers to learn and share, and through which they could witness to the profession. However, having a dedicated fellowship for legal professionals was thought premature as there were too few Christian legal professionals in the GCF to form such a fellowship.

In 1978, the idea of forming the fellowship was revived as the scene had changed and there were more legal professionals in the GCF. It was also hoped that the legal profession could be redeemed in light of adverse publicity at that time. Thus, the LCF was officially formed and affiliated as a sectional group of the GCF on 1 November 1978, and inaugurated on 3 February 1979 at the Shangri-La Hotel.