Intergenerational Friendship

As a graduate ministry that has been around for almost 70 years, being intergenerational is (supposedly) part of the uniqueness of GCF. This year we are launching an intergenerational ministry initiative, pivoting from our initially traditional mentoring approach. So it will be less of a structured-formal mentoring, but more of informal conversation over meals, between graduating students, young graduates, and the not-so-young graduates. With this we are calling graduates, young and old, who are keen to befriend graduating students and/or graduates of different generations to join this initiative, and where possible, to host the meals. Join us in this upcoming conversation cum consultation as we discuss this initiative in more details. 

“Intergenerational Friendship”: A Conversation – Saturday, 19 August, 2pm at 28 Dublin Road (S239813).

Mentors / Befrienders

Our mentors came from diverse backgrounds of academics and fields, but all with passion and calling to walk alongside our younger graduates in their transition or crossroad in life.

Suzanne Choo

Associate Professor

Lim Chee Peng

Adult Educator / Consultant

Wee Shiou Liang

Academic in Health Sciences and Gerontology

Michael Kang

Michael Kang

FES & GCF Staffworker, Youth Ministry

Tan Soo Inn

Book publishing, Mentor, Pastoral ministry

Tan Sook Ching

Chan Sook Ching

FES Staffworker, Pastoral ministry

Fuji Yew

Fuji Yao

Youth ministry

Jhon Hendri

IT Consultant


Intergenerational Befrienders

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