19 September 2023

As GCF is turning 70 soon, we remember God’s faithfulness throughout many generations past. At the same time we also look out for the future and for the continuity of our ministry among graduates and students. This year, we take the opportunity of GCF’s Annual Thanksgiving Dinner to launch the “FES-GCF Legacy Fund”. The Fund is created in memory of Dr. Bobby Sng, who dedicated his life to student and graduate works in institutions of higher learning. It is setup to ensure the effectiveness of FES and GCF’s ministry for the faith development among tertiary students and graduates, which is the legacy we seek to leave behind. Join us in this annual thanksgiving dinner (co-organized with FES) as we sow the seeds to make lasting impact for the future generations. 

The dinner will be held Friday, 15 September 2023, at NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House, 9 Kent Ridge Drive. The registration fee is $85 per pax or $800 per table. We also encourage GCF members to consider subsidizing the students and staffworkers of FES Singapore for this dinner.

Register by clicking the button below or scan the QR code on the poster.

19 August 2023

As a graduate ministry that has been around for almost 70 years, being intergenerational is (supposedly) part of the uniqueness of GCF. This year we are launching an intergenerational ministry initiative, pivoting from our initially traditional mentoring approach. So it will be less of a structured-formal mentoring, but more of informal conversation over meals, between graduating students, young graduates, and the not-so-young graduates. Thus we are calling graduates, young and old, who are keen to befriend graduating students and/or graduates of different generations to join this initiative, and where possible, to host the meals. Join us in this upcoming conversation cum consultation as we discuss this initiative in more details. 

“Intergenerational Friendship”: A Conversation – Saturday, 19 August, 2pm at 28 Dublin Road (S239813). 

Register by clicking the button below, or by scanning the QR code on the poster.

5 August 2023

What a journey university has been! The people you’ve met, the things you’ve learnt. You’ve grown, suffered, laboured, and received under the hand of God and in the presence of community. May you never forget all that God had done there!

What’s next? Nobody knows, but one thing is for sure: the very same goodness and faithfulness of God is waiting to hold you in His arms and lead you. New lands, new people, new adventures. Here’s another piece of good news: many followers of Christ have entered this new season and prospered through it.

Join us as we seek to pursue and glorify God in our lives in the marketplace! In this coming session, we will be sharing more details on the topics we will be covering and how our Fellowship works (pun intended)! See you there 🙂 

Join our intro session on 5 Aug 2023, 10:30AM at FES-GCF Conference Room (420 North Bridge Road, #05-04) -no obligation.

15 July 2023

One station to the next—that’s what journeying through life is like. What makes the ride fun and fresh? A new destination, surely. Also, never before seen sceneries of different seasons. And lastly, fellow commuters whom we can ask about the specialties of each station and make new memories with.

Congratulations on your transit from the previous station! We now invite you to be linked with other graduates as you embark into the world of work and adulting. Come join us for a celebratory meal as we talk and ponder about what’s ahead! There will be table discussions with fellow sojourners on the issues of money (financial management), work-life balance (stress management), and uncertainty (life discernment).