Business and Finance Executives’ Christian Fellowship


The Business and Finance Executives’ Christian Fellowship (BECF) is a sectional group of the Graduates’ Christian Fellowship (GCF), which reaches out to business and finance professionals.

  • To serve business people and finance professionals in the marketplace
  • To encourage each other to maintain and understand God’s purpose and plans for us in the maketplace and overcome challenges working in an extremely challenging financial system.
Ministry Focus
  • Sustainable communities: Working on sustainable programmes and building communities that will journey together.
  • Serving the students: Serving and benefitting the existing student population with a focus on their transition into the marketplace.
  • Sensing the future: To sense “where the ball is going”, stay ahead of it, and translate it for the church today, especially topics that pastors are too busy to think about or topics such as interest rates that BECF will be better suited to explain the implications to church leaders today.
  • Dialogue sessions with student leaders to better understand their needs
  • Consultation session on social enterprise in partnership with Issachar Forum
  • Sustainable communities by working in partnership with Law Christian Fellowship for regular counselling sessions on personal financial management alongside their legal clinics.
  • Serving the students by organising talks such as “Running a Christian business” by a Chief Executive Officer, “Stewardship” and “The Christian worker”
  • Sensing the future by partnering with Issachar Forum on social enterprise and other topics of interest
Brief History

The BECF first started as the Finance Christian Fellowship (FCF), which was formed in August 2008 and became a sectional group of GCF in 2009. The FCF’s aims to reach out to the finance professionals, namely accountants, bankers, investors, and those in securities, tax, auditing and academia through talks and Bible studies. It was quite active in the early days but petered out because of leadership issues and insufficient support from its members and became dormant for a while. to revive this work, the group has been enlarged to include sales and marketing, hospitality, logistics, management and entrepreneurship. Thus, FCF was renamed as BECF in 2013.

Since then, BECF has been conducting various talks and discussions as part of fulfilling its aims to serve business people and finance professionals in the marketplace.

Recently, the BECF has conducred several acitivities. In July 2013, it conducted its first talk to a full house crowd at Food for Thought, National Museum of Singapore, titled “Capitalism in the Last Days”, understanding the financial system and where it is possibly headed. In October 2014, it conducted a session on “How much profit is enough?” understanding what the Bible says about making profit and whether there can be a balance between returns to shareholders and other stakeholders.

In February 2014, BECF members Benjamin Pwee, Andrew Fam, Jack Ang and Nicholas Khoo shared with VCF students on “God and ambition in the workplace” at the National University of Singapore, sharing their different perspectives to students looking forward to entering the marketplace. In March 2014, it facilitated a discussion on social enterprise and examined in-depth a case study provided by Edwin L Fernandez.