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“Transit+Link” FES-GCF Graduation Party 2023

by Nancy Suryadarma

Grad Party 2023 - Commissioning by Jeremiah Goh
Grad Party 2023 – Commissioning by Jeremiah Goh (General Secretary of FES Singapore)

On 15 July 2023, FES alongside GCF held its annual Graduation Party at Orchard Road Presbyterian Church. Forty-four fresh graduates spanning across ten campuses alongside twenty-one alumni and twelve student representatives gathered for a time of fellowship, celebration and commissioning. The program consisted of: 

  • Two fresh graduates (Grace and Gracious) sharing their thanksgivings reflections from completing their student journey.  
  • Two alumni (Indrik and Elijah) shared advice and what they learnt from their own experiences post-graduation in the hopes of inspiring and encouraging the fresh graduates as they embark on a new chapter.  
  • Commissioning of the fresh graduates by Jeremiah Goh, the FES General Secretary.
  • Two rounds of table talk discussions spanning over three topics (Finances, Uncertainty of Future, Work Life Balance). Twelve alumni facilitated a table each and shared his/her own experiences and wisdom. Fresh grads were given the chance to ask their own questions and share their concerns with one another.  

Below are brief reflections of three fresh graduates who were attending the Party. 

Grad Party 2023 - Table Discussion
Grad Party 2023 – Table Discussion

Our graduation party included a table talk session, where we got to discuss relevant topics such as money. We engaged in a fruitful discussion on managing money, savings, and the quality of life we each desired to achieve. I enjoyed the table talk as we were able to unpack the complexities of juggling finances, especially when we aim to live independently from our parents. While many of us may be laden with financial anxieties, I also learnt that we can surrender them to the Lord and let God be glorified through our money. As a polytechnic fresh graduate, conversations like these are thought-provoking and hold a great importance as we begin our journey into adulthood.

– Josephine Surya (Singapore Polytechnics, Biomedical Science)

During the table talk discussion, we gained valuable insights into various topics, including work-life balance. Initially, I perceived it as simply time spent on work versus personal pursuits such as interests or family time. However, the facilitator shed light on a crucial perspective – we all have our personal and professional responsibilities and work is just one facet of our lives. This realization encouraged me to introspect and prioritize different aspects at various stages of life. Regular pause for evaluation is essential, considering evolving circumstances and changing priorities.

Personally, this discussion struck a chord within me as I recognised the need to allocate more time to my grandmother. Family bonds are invaluable, and as I contemplate the passing of time, I realize the significance of cherishing these moments. Moving forward, I intend to reassess and recalibrate my time allocation to strike a meaningful balance that nurtures both my career and personal relationships.

– Caleb Tan Jing Xuan (National University of Singapore, Mechanical Engineering)

In my table discussion in the graduation party, we discuss about what lies ahead us after graduating from uni. We noted that life ahead is uncertain and unpredictable. No matter how good we are with planning, we can’t be sure with what will exactly happen. Having said so, it’s good to have a 5-year-plan in different aspects of our life (ie career, finance, relationship, etc). We ackowledged that having such plan will prevent us from decision fatigue and allow us to keep pressing on despite of the uncertainties ahead. All in all, we also agree to always seek God’s plan and trust His plan for us. In developing our own plan, pray about it and always glorify God in every aspect of our life.

-Christopher William Riady (Nanyang Technological University, Chemical Engineering)

Grad Party 2023 - Lunch
Grad Party 2023 – Lunch

Nancy Suryadarma

FES Staffworker

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