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St. Luke’s Hospital (SLH) is an associate ministry of the Graduates’ Christian Fellowship (GCF).

It is a founding member of the St. Luke’s Hospital. Although the St. Luke’s Hospital operates independently, a GCF representative sits on its Board of Directors as Chairman. Many GCF members support this ministry as professionals, volunteers, financial supporters and fund-raisers. The other seven founding members are Singapore Nurses’ Christian Fellowship, Bartley Christian Church, Bethesda Frankel Estate Church, Bethesda Katong Church, Church of Singapore, Presbyterian Community Services and Wesley Methodist Church.


In July 1989, the Graduates’ Christian Fellowship, Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship and Singapore Nurses Christian Fellowship formed a study group to examine the feasibility of setting up an institution for the elderly sick. The proposed institution was to provide a level of medical services that would be higher than what was then available in nursing homes and would minister to the whole person as well as touch the lives of patients and other relatives. The institution would also provide an avenue for church people to give themselves in service to the community and a powerful testimony concerning inter-church unity.

St Luke’s Hospital, named after the patron saint of the medical profession, became the first hospital in Singapore dedicated to the elderly sick.

We have expanded our services beyond the elderly to enrich more lives. An Institution of a Public Charter, we care for 2,000 inpatients and 3,000 outpatient each year, regardless of race, language or religion. As illnesses can be long and chronic, we care holistically for patients’ physical, emotional and psychosocial well-being.

Impactful and innovative in transforming community care, we are first recipient of the President’s Award for Social Impact (2012), and the first community hospital to receive the National Healthcare Innovation and Productivity Medal (National University Hospital – St Luke’s Hospital Integrated Care Path, 2016).


Transforming Community Care.


A Christian healthcare provider enriching lives in the communities.

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