Origins Interest Group


The Origins Interest Group (OIG) is a ministry of the Graduates’ Christian Fellowship (GCF).

We are living in an age of technology and rapid scientific advancement where scientism and scientific naturalism are the prevailing paradigms. Biological macro- evolution of species and cosmological evolution of the universe based on the Big Bang theory are accepted as scientific facts which cannot be questioned. Thus, the media (from the newspapers to television ), science centres and academia regularly disseminate the so-called “facts” of evolution.

In the book entitled “The Meaning of Evolution”, Simpson states “There is neither need nor excuse for postulation of non-material intervention in the origin of life, the rise of man or any other part of the long history of the material cosmo”.

Professor Richard Dawkins of Oxford University has stronger views when he states that anyone who does not accept evolution as a fact is either stupid, ignorant or insane or perhaps wicked! It is interesting or disconcerting to note that in spite of the fact that an increasing number of non-Christian scientists (albeit relatively small) have recently started to question the validity of Darwinian and other forms of evolution, there is still a fair number of evangelical scientists, especially in the United States, Britain and Australia, who believe that evolution is a fact and that God has chosen to use this process.

  • To create an interest in and awareness of evolution and the origin of life among members of GCF and the general Christian body
  • To have its own group of highly qualified Christian scientists and engineers who, apart from their secular vocation, would be willing to utilise their scientific knowledge in this area so that we need not rely solely on the efforts of our mainly Western brethren.
Ministry Focus

To achieve these aims, the OIG organises talks and seminars, and publicises its lectures and resource materials through publications (both print and electronic).

To date, the OIG has organised several dinners and meetings with speakers who have doctorates in fields such as astrophysics and paleontology. These include:

  • “Does the human soul exist?” by Professor K. O. Lee, Head of the Department of Endocrinology, National University of Singapore
  • “Man: Fossilized or Created?” by Dr Kurt Wise, Associate Professor of Science and Director of Origins Research at Bryan College based at Tennessee, USA
  • “Intelligent design or evolution-what’s the fuss all about?” by Dr Robert Newman
  • “Big Bang and dark matter” by Dr John Harnett
  • “Intelligent design-science or faith” by Prof Guillermo Gonzalez and Dr Jay Richard
Brief History

It was formed some time around 13 September 1999 when a committee was started for this ministry.