Marketplace Christian Network


The Marketplace Christian Network (MCN) in Singapore is a ministry of the Graduates’ Christian Fellowship (GCF). Internationally, the MCN is a group of Christians worldwide, joined together as a non-profit organisation. It is an inter-denominational, evangelical ministry.


To encourage all Christians to see themselves as full-time ministers of God and to adopt the marketplace as their mission field.

Ministry Focus

What we mean by:

1. Full-time Minister of God
  • We see our vocation as an integral part of our faith in Christ; it is not just a job
  • We are called as Christians to be ambassadors and full-time missionaries of God in His work of reconciliation
  • We are to serve as priests in our home and community of Christians to administer God’s grace and love
2. The Marketplace
  • People we come into contact with from day to day
  • People we spend time with such as our family, colleagues, friends, neighbours and community
3. The Mission field
  • Where non-Christians are
Our Mission

Networking individuals, marketplace groups, Christian organisations and churches so as to fulfill their call as full-time ministers and the Great Commission.

The church

Local churches and para-church organisations, immersed in the world through intentional ministry. We see the world as the Christian community scattered in ministry.

Marketplace groups/ministry

Returning to the church, the Christian community gathers for worship, equips itself and is a group from which resources can be tapped.

In practice, this means:

  • Helping Christians to realise their call in the marketplace, equipping them to actualise that call and to provide continued support to fulfill that call
  • Providing groups involved in marketplace or workplace ministry with resources, training, equipping seminars and forums, so as to be encouraged and to encourage others. These groups are the missionary teams planted in their respective mission fields
  • Encouraging churches to have a focus and providing resources for marketplace ministry within and outside their congregations. It comes alongside church staff to support them on marketplace issues
  • Collaborating with Christian organisations to provide the training and resources needed in order to help Christians, groups and churches in achieving our vision
Brief History

MCN was started in 2001 in Singapore. Subsequently, MCN joined GCF as a ministry in 2002 because of the common vision we share for the marketplace. It is a ministry run by volunteers who also serve as ministers in their respective occupations. In 2003, MCN started its alternate monthly public meetings. These meetings are used as a platform to build a fellowship of marketplace practitioners through worship, talks and discussion forums on issues encountered at the workplace. This ministry is also building a resource team as well as a team of marketplace ministry consultants. These consultants will assist groups and churches to integrate marketplace ministry into their overall ministry, based on their calling and gifts.

It had published and distributed the Market Place Ministry (LOP40) books. About 800 copies were distributed to the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa and Nigeria.

The MCN also started a three-month programme called Crossings for graduating students. Since July 2008, this programme has been conducted every year by some GCF members to help graduating students to transit to working life.

How can MCN help you and your church?

Sign up as a ministry partner

As a ministry partner, you will receive regular updates on our alternate monthly meetings, seminars, forums via email. You can also access our website for regular updates of articles, recommended books, web-site reviews, and other resources related to marketplace issues. You will have to commit yourself to be a full-time minister of God and adopt your marketplace as your mission field.

  • Join our fellowship and meetings
  • Serve your church as a champion for the marketplace
  • Get your church to contact us for speaking engagements, workshops, consultations and resources