Loft Up Your Soul

Our souls are very much like our homes. However, while our house gets cleaned and tidied up regularly, we rarely do the same for our inner world. Filled, cluttered and even burdened with much, we leave it alone until it disrupts our lives. A bad experience turns into a nasty pattern of thinking. A harsh word evolves into a fearful heart. “In this world you’ll have trouble.” So we get to the loft, a quiet place we rarely visit, to pause from and realize just how cluttered the space is. And here, we reorganize all the mess, keep what is useful and discard the unhelpful.

Dates: 18-20 Feb 2023

Venue: HARRIS Resort Batam Waterfront

  • Waterfront City, Jl.KH.Ahmad Dahlan No.1, Tj. Riau, Kec. Sekupang, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29422, Indonesia

Sign up link: Sign-up closes at the end of December. If you need more time to confirm your attendance, please check with Sean ASAP. (WhatsApp at 98711576 or Tele @totonadent)

Fees: $225, excluding OTOT dinner and meal transport (See below for detailed breakdown of costs)