Issachar Forum

Issachar Forum (IF) is a ministry of the Graduates’ Christian Fellowship (GCF), which was formed in August 2007. The name comes from 1 Chronicles 12:32 “men of Issachar who understood the times and know what Israel should do”.


To be a think tank whereby a few small discussion groups do research on a particular perspective, looking at it from a Christian viewpoint and seeking to come up with ideas of how we can move forward as a Christian community.

Ministry Focus
  • Opened Eyes In A Darkened Room- a monthly movie cum discussion session
  • Collaborations on possible research on issues with relevant partners

It was launched on 19 January 2008, starting a monthly movie cum discussion session known as “Opened Eyes In A Darkened Room”. The first movie screened was “Fight Club”. Although some discussions on collaborations have taken place, it has not been easy to get the idea of a think tank off the ground because of lack of awareness or interest generally in Singapore for writing and reflection, and lack of resources. However, Opened Eyes In A Darkened Room has been active, attracting a core team of movie buffs, who viewed a movie, followed by a discussion on its themes, thus encouraging Christians to engage the media with a Christian worldview.