Engineering and Science Christian Fellowship (ESCF)


The Engineering and Science Christian Fellowship (ESCF) is a sectional group of the Graduates’ Christian Fellowship (GCF). it was officially endorsed at the Graduates’ Christian Fellowship annual general meeting (AGM) in July 2008.

The ESCF was formed to meet the need and the challenges facing the science and engineering world today.

Science and engineering constitute the profession or vocation of many Christians in the world of work. Christian professionals working from fields of research to engineering, to technology applications, contribute to the main engine of economic growth in the global economy. Engineering and science graduates constitute about 40 to 50 per cent of total graduates from universities around the world. With the industrialisation of the late 19th and early 20th century, we now live in a world that is saturated with science, engineering and technology.

With the proliferation of science and engineering also comes a whole host of ethical and environmental challenges. The earth has limited resources. How can Christian scientists and engineers redeem and be obedient to the Creation Commission in Genesis where we are first commissioned as humankind to “have dominion over the created order”? How are Christian scientists and engineers, who are redeemed and called to redeem creation, practice and do our work, which is in congruence with the Word of God? Are Christian scientists and engineers creating technology and designing products that benefit humankind and glorify our Heavenly Father?

There is also a great imbalance in the technology gap, translated to economic gap. Those without technology know-how are significantly disadvantaged. What are some of the foreign missions initiatives and poverty alleviation projects, which Christian scientists and engineers can be involved in to bridge the gap, in the meantime, be the witness of the love of God and the hope of Jesus?

This is particularly important as many developing countries will be greatly urbanized. There is also a great need as many previously predominantly Christian nations are now foreign missions’ fields, which are in need of highly skilled engineering and science professionals to work in their midst.

There are many such challenges ahead for Christian engineers and scientists. Hence, the creation of the sectional group (ESCF) under GCF to bring the Christian engineers/scientists under one umbrella to have fellowship and to equip themselves to meet the challenges in this material world.


Kingdom Innovations and Designs.


As we see our vocation as a calling and ministry from our loving Father, we hold regular fellowship meetings to:

  • Keep accountable to the highest ethical standards in performing our daily work, when necessary, even over and above what is industrial norm or legally mandated
  • Seek the interest of the common good for humanity and environment through our work as much as possible, in particular for the poor, needy, orphaned and widowed
  • Help our fellow Christian colleagues to clarify his/her calling through vocational counselling
  • Sharpen our skills and abilities in and through our daily work so as to present work of excellence before the Lord
  • Integrate our faith and work through the corporate study of Scriptures and contemplate on its application within the vocational, personal, cultural, political and social context
  • Challenge each other to be witnesses, in words and deeds and living out the rule of Christ in every sphere of our lives, including our vocation
Ministry Focus

The ESCF is for the following professionals:

  • Graduates from engineering, science and technology faculties
  • Researchers or professionals in science and technology
  • Engineers in any related field
  • Professionals from manufacturing and process industries
  • Technical sales, marketing, support and quality professionals

Its activities include:

  • Bible studies and case studies to integrate faith and work
  • Updates on significant technology and research breakthroughs, Christian worldviews and implications
  • Talks, seminars and fellowship meetings
  • Partnering with other bodies to discern key issues in science and technology
  • Mentoring of students and young graduates and providing vocational guidance
  • Outreach to campus Christian ministries, in particular VCF Engineering and Nanyang Technological University Christian Fellowship in partnership with FES
  • Collaborating with FES to be a campus to hold seminars for students in the science and engineering faculties
Brief History

The ESCF was launched on 24 October 2007 with Mr L.T. Jeyachandran speaking on “God and Technology” with about 40 people attending. It other activities included talks on “A Matter of the Spirit and Matter” and “Theology of Science”; a seminar on “Internet gaming design”, fellowship meetings and Bible studies sessions. Recently, it has also focused on creation care by organising Creation Care Bible study series, and a talk on “Climate change, Creation and Christianity: Thoughts from a climate scientist” (the latter in partnership with Creation Care Singapore).