What a journey university has been! The people you’ve met, the things you’ve learnt. You’ve grown, suffered, laboured, and received under the hand of God and in the presence of community. May you never forget all that God had done there!

What’s next? Nobody knows, but one thing is for sure: the very same goodness and faithfulness of God is waiting to hold you in His arms and lead you. New lands, new people, new adventures. Here’s another piece of good news: many followers of Christ have entered this new season and prospered through it.

Join us as we seek to pursue and glorify God in our lives in the marketplace! In this coming session, we will be sharing more details on the topics we will be covering and how our Fellowship works (pun intended)! See you there 🙂

Sign-up below to join the intro session on 5 Aug 2023 10:30AM at FES-GCF Conference Room (420 North Bridge Centre #05-04)!